FINTRAK is a Shareware product for the tracking of personal...

FINTRAK is a Shareware product for the tracking of personal financial transactions. All your accounts (checking, savings and others), including credit card accounts, can be simultaneously managed and controlled.

FINTRAK makes it easy to transfer funds between any two accounts, make payments by credit card, check, debit card or cash, record deposits or income received from various sources,track your expenses, reconcile checking accounts or quickly determine the total funds available.

Detailed reports are produced and may be printed to Screen, printer or exported to a file in text, HTML or CSV format. Accounts are user defined and may be classified as Checking, Savings, Cash, Credit Card, Expense or income accounts.

Historical data can be maintain for as long as you desire. With FINTRAK you will always know how much money is available for use from all your sources and how your it is being spent or distributed.